The Great Reading Challenge 2018

Introducing The Great Reading Challenge

Step One: Download or pick up a copy of this year’s Reading Challenge category list.
Step Two: Use the list to help you find new books you love, or match the books you read to the categories.
Step Three: Keep track of the categories you complete this year – there are prizes to be won!
Step Four: Attend events at the Library* related to some of this year’s list categories:

Monthly Book Club: Bring a book you love that fits the month’s category (it doesn’t have to be one you read for the Challenge). Share your pick, get some new book recommendations, and spend an evening chatting with fellow book lovers over coffee. 6:30-8pm on the first Tuesday of the month.

After Hours at the Library: Explore the month’s topic further through activities, presentations, and movies. 5-8pm on the third Friday of the month.

*Earn an extra Challenge point for each related Library event you attend!

The Great Reading Challenge Monthly Categories

February: A banned or challenged book (Freedom to Read Week)

March: A book about food (Nutrition Month)

April: A book featuring wildlife (National Wildlife Week)

May: A book by an Asian author (Asian Heritage Month)

A book by an Indigenous author (National Aboriginal History Month)

July: A book on an environmental theme (Summer Discovery Theme: Wonder of the World)

August: A book set in Alberta (Heritage Day)

September: A book involving science (Science Literacy Week)

October: A book exploring women’s history (Women’s History Month)

November: A book set during wartime (Remembrance Day)

December: A book set in, or about, winter (Proudly Canadian. Brr.)

The 2018 category list (download a copy at the bottom)
1. An author’s first published book
2. A book written when the author was over 70
3. A book set in Alberta
4. A book with an animal on the cover
5. A book by an Indigenous author
6. A book that takes place in your hometown
7. A book from this year’s Canada Reads longlist
8. A book you own, but haven’t read
9. A book about or involving a sport
10. A book of short stories
11. A book set in winter
12. A book with magic
13. A book “everyone” has read
14. A book set in a time period you’d like to visit
15. A book someone in your family loves
16. A book with a movie adaptation
17. A book set during wartime
18. A book by someone better known for something else
19. A book inspired by mythology or folklore
20. A book exploring an environmental theme
21. A novel written in verse
22. A banned or challenged book
23. A book you’ve read before
24. A classic mystery, western, or adventure book
25. A book exploring women’s history
26. An award-winning book
27. A book set on a different planet
28. A book with an Asian author
29. A book you see someone else reading
30. A book with a one-word title
31. A book recommended by a celebrity you admire
32. A book published this year
33. A book featuring wildlife
34. A children’s classic
35. A book featuring science
36. A book mentioned in another book
37. A book with an LGBTQ+ character
38. A graphic novel
39. A book set somewhere you want to go
40. A book recommended by a librarian
41. A biography
42. A book with nonhuman characters
43. A book that retells an old story
44. The first book in a series
45. A book from an Alberta publisher
46. A book published posthumously
47. A book about something you want to try
48. A book by an author who uses a pen name
49. A book you chose based on its cover
50. A translated book

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