Visiting the Library

All library users must be respectful of others in the library. This includes using respectful language, remembering the presence of children when browsing on public computers, and caring for shared library materials.

So that everyone has the opportunity to feel safe using their library, masks will continue to be required for all Library visitors over age 2 from 9am-10am everyday except Thursday. Thank you for caring for your neighbours!

Visitors unable to follow library rules after a reminder will be asked to leave for the day. Any mistreatment of staff members will not be tolerated.

Accessing the Library

We are located in the Badlands Community Facility (turn right after entering the main doors). Accessible parking stalls are near the building entrance (electric car stalls are also available), there's a ramp to get up the curb, and there is an accessible door at main building entrance and at the Library entrance. The Library is all on one floor and has an accessible, all gender washroom with free menstrual supplies and a changing table. Spaces between the the book stacks are wide enough to fit wheelchairs and scooters. Flooring is hard carpet.

Assistive Technology (including a computer station with large print keyboard, height adjustable desk, and extra room)

Services for Readers with Print Disabilities

Sign up for a card online

Browse our online resources (including ebooks, magazines, music, and databases)

Library to You (L2U) (a free mail service offered to those who face physical or geographic difficulties in visiting their local library in person)